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Foam Inductor

High Pressure Gun
High Pressure Gun

 Key Features

All current “Firefly” Fire Pumps of LP & MP Series, up to 2000 to 4000 L/min ranges of pumps can be fitted with a “Round–the-pump” Foam System (RTP) capable of inducing up to 120 liters per minute of foam compound into the pump. The system is compact and self-contained and is mounted on the pump suction tube and volute.


Specification Sheet
Performance Data :
Foam Intake size: - 1” BSP internal (supplied without valve as standard).
Suction Capacity: 0 to 120 LPM
System Operating pressure:- 5 to 17 bar
Water control valve: - 1” ball valve with internal threading of 1” BSP (as standard)
 Material of Construction:
For light alloy pumps: The pipe work and inductor are produced from aluminum alloy & the inductor itself is hard anodized.

For Bronze Pumps: the body of inductor is available in bronze construction.

 Formula to calculate Foam meter knob reading :

Foam meter knob reading = total discharge of pump × foam percentage to be injected.

Eg. If; Total discharge of pump = 2000 LPM

Foam percentage to be injected = 3%

Foam meter knob reading = 2000 × 3 / 100

= 2000 × 0.03

= 60

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