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Gasoline Portable Pump

Gasoline Portable Pump

 Key Features
Light weight, stainless steel cradle carried, fitted with light Aluminum Alloy centrifugal pump having one 100 mm male round threaded suction inlet and Two 63 mm instantaneous female delivery outlets located at each side of pump. Highly reliable & extremely fast VANE PUMP type priming system (up to 8 meters within 30 seconds). Briggs & Stratton “Vangaurd” Gasoline engine 18 HP V-Twin overhead valve (OHV) type. The complete pump unit is suitable for effective fire fighting & for dewatering purpose.

Specification Sheet


Performance Data :
 Rated Performances:-
Discharge (lpm) Pressure (bar) Suction Lift
500 6.5 3.0 meters
800 5.0 3.0 meters
1400 3.0 3.0 meters
Fuel : - Petrol (Gasoline)
Engine Power : - 18 HP
Engine RPM : - 3600
Fuel Tank Capacity : - 8.5 liters
Priming : - Vane pump type priming. Up to 8 meters within 30 seconds.
Pump Type : - Centrifugal, Single Stage
Suction Inlet : - 100 mm (IS: 902)
Delivery : - 63 mm x 1 with screw down type valve (IS: 901)
Weight ( Dry ) : - 83.5 kg (including battery)
 Typical Dimensions: -




660 mm

520 mm

623 mm

25.9 inches

20.4 inches

24.5 inches

*The Performance data stated above is observed at test conditions (3.0 meters suction lift at NTP conditions).

*For capacities other than stated above, please contact technical department.

Downloads Gasoline Portable Pump
MFP 275-D.pdf
Technical Data Sheet.pdf

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