We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Normal Pressure Vehicle Mounting Fire Pumps, Vehicle Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps and our setup is situated at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Key Features

• Normal Pressure Performance of 2270 lit/min at 7 bar pressure.
• Available in Aluminium / Gun Metal of construction.
• Step up gear box attachment to pump option also available with variety of gear ratios.
• CE marked in total Compliance with EN 1028.
  • Primer

    All 'Endura' series fire pumps are fitted with advanced 'E-Primatic' priming system
    Highly reliable twin piston horizontal reciprocating priming system which is automatic but at the same time gives the pump operator a choice to engage it only when needed.
    An in built electro-magnetic clutch gives drive to piston primer & actuation of primer is controlled by a pressure switch, not directly by water pressure.
    Primers can be operated in Auto Mode OR Manual Mode

    • Auto Mode - Whenever pump pressure is below 0.8 bar primer is engaged automatically & when pump pressure is above 0.8 bar primer is dis-engaged automatically.

    • Manual Mode - Engage the primer manually but once pump registers 0.8 bar pressure, primer is dis-engaged automatically. Once disengaged, Primer will not engage automatically even if pump pressure is below 0.8 bar. So pump can be operated at very low pressures without primers being engaged. This mode particularly developed for de-watering application where pump runs at very low pressure for pro-longed time.
    Easy to operate.
    Entire Priming system is made of stainless steel which makes it highly reliable.
    Variety of completely illuminated pump control panels are available.
    Capable of priming the pump from 9 meters at NTP conditions.
    Complies all EN 1028 requirements.

    All series of vehicle fire pumps can be supplied with Primatic priming system.
    Completely automatic, highly reliable twin piston reciprocating priming system.
    An eccentric cam gives drive to piston & disengagement of primers is directly controlled by water pressure. Primer disengages automatically when pump registers 2 bar pressure.
    Complete priming system is made of stainless steel.
    Capable of priming the pump from 9 meters at NTP conditions.
    Complies all EN 1028 requirements.

    All series of vehicle fire pumps can be supplied with Water Ring Priming system.
    Completely automatic in operation.
    Available in three material options - Aluminium, Gunmetal (Bronze)
    Capable of priming the pump from 7 meters.

  • Specification Sheet
      Performance Data :
       Rated Performances:-
       Suction Inlet:- 100 mm
       Priming Performance Range:- up to 8 meters
       Recommended Priming Speed:- 100 rpm to 2500 rpm
       Typical Dimensions:-
      665 mm
      450 mm
      630 mm
      26 inches
      17.7 inches
      24.8 inches
      *The Performance data stated above is observed at test conditions
      (3.0 meters suction lift at NTP conditions).
      *For capacities other than stated above, please contact technical department.
  • Download

      Downloads For MFV - LP - 2270


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