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Genuine Spares & Service

Firefly Genuine Spares & Service

Firefly genuine spares and services gives you the ultimate peace of mind, ensuring worry-free maintenance and sustainable pump operation.
Firefly genuine spares are designed and engineered specifically for delivering performance and longevity of firefly pumps.

Firefly Genuine Spares & Service
Genuine Spares & Service

Our Support

We hold the optimum back up inventory all the spare parts only to provide our customers the proper after sales service needed. *choosing firefly *genuine spares means the beginning of a long term partnership with us.

As long as your pump is in use, we ensure the supply of the spare parts, provide customer service and maintenance, refurbishment.

Our Support

Our Packages

Inspection Basic


Site visit : Firefly Service Executive/ Auhorised Personnel will phyiscally visit to pump installation site

Detailed product anaylsis : A detailed product report will be generated to give an idea regarding pump condition. Change of spares if any will be recommended pump specific

Maintenance guidelines : Depending on the detailed product report and usage we will provide you future maintenance guideliness well in advance.

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Annual Maintenance Contract


2 Site visit : Firefly service executive/ auhorised personnel will phyiscally visit twice in a year to pump installation site

Complete overhaul : After detailed product analysis pump complete overhauling of the pump will be done.

Zero Downtime : Zero downtime for pump operation assurance*

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Service Plus


Complete overhaul at firefly : Complete overhauling of pump at firefly site by firefly service executives.

SCADA test : A final complete test on scada system with zero manual intervention.

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Firefly genuines spares and services advantage

• Spare availability 24x7 and 365 days
• Expert service
• Onsite as well as online service consultation physical & online product training

Our Support

Partner With Us

At firefly, we continuously strive to support partnerships with companies around the world that share the vision of gearing up the fire-fighters with best quality products. Whether you build fire trucks or re-sale fire pumps to fire brigades and government agencies in your country, we are here to help.

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