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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protect our user's privacy. The information you share with us on the website/APP like Person's name, Company name, Email id, Contact number, address etc is fully secured. The devices like Microphones, Cameras used in website/APP are not used for any promotional purpose. We don't share/disclose your personal information to any organization.
"Our profiecient and adept manpower is our most valuable asset. They have been our integral part of organisation success"

Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Fire Fighting Pumps

Our privacy policy ensure that...

1. We limit access even to our employee who handle this information and make sure that they don't violate our security standards and confidentiality.

2. We exchange information and carry out credit approvals to prevent fraud.

3. Based on the information you provide us, we take effort to keep your personal information accurate, complete, up-to-date.